Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctica

Still digesting six weeks working in Antarctica as the Photographer is Residence for G Adventures. Having complete my 8th crossing to the white continent, it never ceases to amaze me how breathtaking this region of the world continues to be after multiple visits. 

Will follow-up with more galleries as I begin getting through almost 12 thousands photographers.


new gallery - easter island

I have uploaded a new gallery of Easter Island photographs, shot back in 2006. This is a destination that seems to have been photographed so much that the challenge of making my work unique, I choose to shooting with Infrared film.  This gave the subject matter a magical quality to a location already surrounded in mystery.

Support Dog Guides of Canada

Nothing more fun than photographing puppies!

These dogs are 4 weeks old and will be fostered to families for a year to socialize and then will be trained for the disabled. Blind, deaf and autistic individuals benefit from the Lion's Club of Canada and the Dog Guides Program. Their mother is doing just fine.




new galleries coming

I will slowly be rolling out several new galleries covering infrared work, studies of the human form and more travel destinations.  some galleries from my old site have been removed (africa, the americas etc) but rest assured they will be back online shortly.

New website launch

happy to bring a new look, new work as I go forward into a very busy year ahead. Expedition photography be will taking me to some 14 countries through africa and a return to where everything started for me, Antarctica in December. More galleries to be rolled out over the next few weeks.

Lecture: Polarized: September 19th 7PM


A series of artist talks and seminars at Colourgenics Gallery

POLARIZED: Photography from Svalbard & Antarctica by Paul Teolis and Canon Canada

7-9 PM Thursday September 19,  2013

Presented in association with f11 Project (www.f11project.com)

Join Award-winning photographer Paul A. Teolis for a fun, educational, and light-hearted look at Antarctica, working as an Expedition Photographer to an artist residency in the Norwegian Arctic. Through photos and video you will can gain a better insight into travelling to the most remote of destinations where icebergs are the size of buildings, and penguins roam with unwanted abandon in a land where the sun never sets. 

Paul A. Teolis is an award-winning photographer, educator, veteran of the film & animation industry and a travel-holic. Photography has taken Paul to all corners of the world, and as an experienced expedition photographer, his multiple trips to Antarctica and recently the Arctic Circle continue to feed his love of ice, snow and wildlife. As an animation profession he has contributed work on numerous feature films, television series and independent productions for such notable international studios as Dreamworks SKG, Disney Paris and Nelvana Studios. Paul calls Toronto, Canada his home.

web: www.fieldandscreen.com
twitter: paulteolisphoto
facebook: Paul-A-Teolis Photography

Graham Peddie, Product Strategist for Canon Canada, also joins us and will present a number of Canon photographic solutions for professionals and aspiring professionals alike, including the 1Dx and popular, 5D Mk III.

Graham directs channel and brand management, marketing strategy, sales support, PR, events, social media outreach and business development for these channels. In addition, Graham runs Canon Canada's Northern Explorer of Light program, quarterbacking a team of highly acclaimed photo and video professionals.

As seating is limited, please RSVP to LAD@colourgenics.com


from Longyearbyen, Svalbard

Snow begins to fall outside my window at Guesthouse 102, in the sleepy town of Longyearbyen on the island of Svalbard. It's 11 PM and is still as bright as midday. The sun won't set tonight and it will stay light as we are in the land of the midnight sun. Tomorrow we set sail on the tall ship,  Antigua with an exceptional group of visual artists and writers. Throw in many with science backgrounds, and we have an eclectic mix of individuals who will all be working on their art projects with the arctic as their backdrop.

For me, I will continue documenting the polar regions, wildlife, isolation and will make this up as I go along. This will be my only blog post from this region as internet connections are non existent while at sea.